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Commodities represent an asset group that refers to natural resources, such as energy resources, foods or metals. They can be extremely efficient during crisis periods, and some of them act as safe-haven assets, which mean they have a protective effect. Another significant aspect is that most of the commodity prices cannot go down to zero since they have an intrinsic value. If you invest in stocks, bankruptcy is still probable, at least theoretically.

Some of the commodities beat the inflation, some of them can’t achieve this – we will come with the best solutions to accomplish positive effect from the commodity market.

With our service, you can invest in a wide range of commodities, such as:

–                 Energy – oil (both American WTI and UK Brent), heating oil, natural gas, and gasoline;

–                 Foods – wheat, rice, coffee, cocoa, corn, soybean, sugar, and more.

–                 Metals – gold, silver, aluminum, copper, palladium, nickel, platinum, and more.

Oil and gold are surely the most popular and traded commodities.

Oil is the blood of the world economy – it stays at the core of the whole infrastructure. As soon as the world doesn’t totally redirect to solar energy and electro-cars, it has an immense impact. We make sure to catch the oil price trends in the short-term and the long-term. By doing this, we can convert its price movements in good returns for our clients.

Gold is a dominant safe-haven asset that we apply for those who want to consider additional protective measures against market shocks and crises.