• 32F Toranomon Hills, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Trading Hours: Mon-Fri: 09.00 to 17.00

Since we are totally committed to search for talents from around the world, our team comprises individuals from various regions, and it is easy to anticipate that they have different viewpoints about one or another concept, different traditions behind and different expectations. Based on this, we try to give much importance to diversity, fair conditions, and respect. This is the way we prove our social responsibility in the first place – by keeping against discrimination of all kinds. By treating our clients and team members in a correct manner, we know that we will get the same positive feedback in exchange.

In addition, we make sure your methods and activities do not interfere with the environment. We understand that our community and environment is reflected in our activities and decision, which is why we come with our contribution to growing the quality of life, discourage pollution, and invest in communities.

The direct positive impact of our company comes from the strict responsibility in managing the client’s funds. Many of our clients may decide for starting a business or invest in the local infrastructure, and we are proud to contribute to their financial growth so that they could, in turn, invest for a better world.

We give our full support and effort to make sure our clients are happy about their financial situation, which creates a state of comfort and stability that is directly or indirectly distributed to the environment, both locally and globally.

By complying with the regulations and laws in the regions we operate, we ensure to act adequately and treat the community fairly.